How I Made My First Book Video: A Story About the Process

So, recently, today, in fact, I uploaded my first book video, and I want to share with you all some of the process.

I started with the idea that I'd really like to share my story with more people, and I'd seen other Wattpad users create their own videos, and I wanted to create my own. It  took a lot more work than I first expected. I had to draw the characters, and some of the scenes, or act them out. I decided on drawing, because I'm not terrible at it, and it required--at least I thought it did--less work. It required less people, certainly, but as for less work....

Well, first, I had to find references and models to help me draw the scenes and characters more accurately. Then I had to erase all the marks I made while drawing. That took a few days.

After that, well, you see those three pictures at the top? Those are the original pictures of the three main characters that I uploaded onto my computer. After messing with them a bit, they turned into this:


Then, after doing that to the other pictures for the video that I uploaded onto my computer, I started to create the video itself on Movie Maker. That quickly became frustrating, is annoying sometimes. So it sat on my computer, dormant, for quite a few months. But today I had some free time, and I had gotten a lot done the first time around. So, after adding captions, music, credits, and where to find the book, I saved it for the computer, and uploaded it to YouTube, ending up with this:

So there we go! 

Signing off, Mareike.

Afterword: Hey, if you've made a book video, what was your journey? What did you do differently from me, and why? 


  1. Wow that is so cool that you made a video for your story! CONGRATS ON THAT! I've never done anything like that. xD I honestly can't draw at all...but the thought totally intrigues me. (I also love the music you put on the video. ;D)


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