Interview with Ashlin Atrimife

Well, since I did Beautiful People for Nor and Eli, I thought I'd interview my other MC, Ashlin.  So, now I suppose, I'll give the mike to her--although I'll periodically break in to explain things/ask questions. 

Ashlin: Naan...Reike, what is a 'mike'?

Me: Sorry, Ash, it's something that makes your voice louder. They use it in Gaia. Oh, speaking of Gaia, would you mind explaining what Gaia and Orthion are?

Ashlin: Of course. Gaia is our name for the planet you hiyann--humans live on. It's also our name for its creator deity. Orthion is our planet, and our creator deity. Oh! Reike, do you mind if I talk about our deities?

Me: Of course not. I know how much they mean to you. 

Ashlin: [smiles softly] Thank you. So, there are three major gods--we call them the Triad--Orthion, Sai Kuan, and Nevi Kenit. Like I said before, Orthion is our creator. Sai Kuan is our mother goddess. Nevi Kenit is our death deity. There are quite a few minor deities, like The Puck, The Dark Lady, The Altherian, The Holly and Oak Kings, their consort and sibling, the Ivy Queen, the Mother of Mercy, and the Compassion. But we more honor and respect these than worship them. Worship is left for the Triad. 

Me: [laughs]

Ashlin: [looking perturbed] What are you laughing at, Reike?

Me: Well, it would be kind of weird for you to worship one of your parents, wouldn't?

Ashlin: [sighing] What Reike is laughing about is that the Puck is one of my parents. [pinches her nose] Reike, were you even listening to what I was talking about?

Me: Sorry, Ash. You're sounding like my mom, though. 

Ashlin: [grinning] Well, I am a mother, so that makes sense doesn't it? Eli is my daughter, in case you were wondering. I think she turned out all right, though I do worry about her sometimes. I wasn't a very good parent when she was a child. 

Me: That wasn't your fault, Ash. 

Ashlin; [voice raised] And how exactly was it not? If I had done anything--

Me: [interrupting] NOT YOUR FAULT. IT IS KORI'S AND MAI'S!

Ashlin: [quietly but firmly] Fine. We are changing the subject now!

Me: [also quietly] For now. Ok, what do you want to talk about?

Ashlin: Eh...I don't know. 

Me: [brightly] Oh! I know! What do you like to read? 

Ashlin: Well, there aren't a lot of books with raised characters, so I kind of tend to read the ones I have over and over again until they wear down flat. I think my favorites out of all the ones in my library are: The History Behind the Legend: The Trickster and Kole. It's about a myth early in the history of Orthion. Everyone knows it, but this one scholar tried to discover the truth behind it, and ger theories are fascinating. My other favorite is one my mother wrote. It's a memoir she wrote when she was a young adult, right after she met her consort, and became queen of our country, Kaltewirin, and her best friends were exiled. She's told me it so many times, but I love seeing how she thought about it then, when she was really close to it. As soon as I heard about it, I actually commissioned a raised character copy so I could read it for myself. [Yawns]

Me: I know you're tired, but can I ask you just one more question?

Ashlin: Alright. But then we're done. 

Me: What is the most important relationship in your life? I know, seems a little out of nowhere, but I'm curious. 

Ashlin: Oh. That's a hard one. Let me think. Naan...I think probably my relationship with my girlfriend, Jo, because she grounds me, and is always there for me when I need it. We have a wonderful working relationship, and we trust each other. But my relationships with my daughter, my parents, my friends, and my aunt are very important to me as well. [Yawns again] 

Me: I think I see Jor, so I'll let you go. Thank you so much, Ash. 

Ashlin: You're welcome, Reike. Goodbye. 

Me: Goodbye. 

Well, I learned a lot from that. It also helped me see some things about her more clearly. I hope you guys enjoyed this too. Stay tuned for part 2, Okori!

                                                                                                            Signing off, 

Addendum: Okori was not inclined to do an interview. Perhaps she'll be more interested in participating in the next Beautiful People Linkup


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