The Peculiar Quirks Of Writers--Discussing My Own

Hemingway was right about the bleeding part.  So, after reading the post by Cait @ Paper Fury, I decided to talk about my own writerly quirks. I will list them by title, though not in any sort of order. Except the order in which I think of them. So I guess they will be numbered. 

1. Writing makes me feel vulnerable, so I hate, hate, hate posting things. 
Including this. I'm going to regret it as soon as I post it. But I feel that way about pretty much all my posts and writing. Which is why no one has seen the entirety of one of my current WIPs yet. This is why I agree with Hemingway's saying. Writing is like putting the deepest parts of your heart on paper, and sending them out into the world without protection to be torn apart by monsters. Nice metaphor, right? Yeah, I know I'm weird. But if I wasn't, I probably wouldn't be a writer--hence this post. 

2. I Love Editing. Like Really Love It.
I don't know how usual this is. But I think my favorite part of writing is actually editing. You get to fix inconsistencies, be more descriptive, cut out the bad parts. The only thing that's more fun than editing my writing is editing other people's. Though, I do always get annoyed at myself when I realize I made a grammatical or spelling error or even--horrors of horrors!--left a word out. Anybody else?

3.  I am a Total and Complete Name Geek
Like this began way before I was an overly-ambitious writerling. Wait--actually the two are interchangeable. So anyways....I still have notebooks lying about that are full of name lists, possible character names, characters and their families, baby names lists (yes, I know I have a problem). I haven't stopped that, by the way. Now I just keep the lists on my phone and computer. I compulsively check at least five name websites every day before lunch. And I have an account on Nameberry; I'm a senior member--which means I have made one hundred posts or more. Yeah....well. Ok, now I might as well say my favorites for characters right now: Jute, Dorian, Anna, Rashid, and Nassir. 

4. I make playlists for my characters. Just the major ones. And for the book itself. 
I have to listen to music while I'm writing, and I've ended up creating playlists for my characters made up of songs that I believe fit their experiences and personalities. Same for my books. Well, in that case, the songs fit the events of the story. I've even put a couple of my playlists on YouTube. Here's Ash's (she's one of the major characters in my current WIPs--it's an in-progress series): 


5. I Have A Really Strange Browser History
It's everything from how to help with migraines to types of poisons. Not to mention, Indian history to to the country's geography. I think this is quite common with writers. Our browser histories are...let's just say...suspicious without context. Well, if I looked all this stuff up through the library, the librarians might give me some strange looks. Probably wouldn't stop me, but it would be kind of awkward. Ah, the adventures of writerdom.

6. I Have Really Good Writing Ideas At The Worst Times
In the middle of the night, when I have nothing to write them down with, when I'm in the middle of a conversation, etc. It doesn't matter what they are; they can be for something I'm working on, or something completely new. Sometimes I can hold onto them long enough to be able to record them, but more often, I forget them before I can. On the other hand, this doesn't always happen. I have plenty of good ideas that I hold onto. It just seems that you can never hold onto the best ones, sometimes.

Sorry. I re-watched The Emperor's New Groove recently.

So, here are some of my strange quirks. What do you guys think? Do any of you share this quirks? Or do you have some completely different ones that you don't mind sharing?

Writers unite in collective strangeness! 😉

                                                                                                                 Signing off,


  1. I loved your quirks!! AND YOUR GIF USAGE WAS ON POINT. 😂 Also name crushes and name obsessions are the bessssst. I have a stickynote app on my laptop and basically I just have my screen filled with names I randomly hear and go "omg that is going in a book at some point". NO REGRETS. (Also Jute is such a cute name! I LOVE IT. It's kind of like Jules but cuter <333)

    Also ohhh you like editing?! YOU LUCKY THING.😂 I wish I liked it because goodness knows one spends more time editing than writing!

    Sharing writing is super hard but I do think it gets a little easier with practise and when one becomes a bit more confident in their writing. *nods* Although currently my mum wants to read my book and I'm just "aHH NOPE CAN'T TAKE THAT PRESSURE"😂.

    (Thanks for linking back to my post. :)

  2. You're welcome. Thank you for all the compliments. Especially the one on my gifs, as I just recently figured out how to use them. Yeah, the idea sharing my writing with family freaks me out the most.


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