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This tag was begun by Nate Philbrick @ You Write Fiction, and Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer sort of tagged me. To be more precise, she said: " And YOU!!! If you want to do this tag, go ahead and share all your fantastic dialog!". So, the point of this tag is to share your five favorite pieces of dialog completely out of context.

I am going to share three quotes from my first current WIP, Poisoned Hearts, and two from the second one, Shattered Glass (These are working titles).

So, here are the Poisoned Hearts quotes:

“Obviously you weren’t listening earlier, so let me recap: you abused me and helped my foster-sister torture me, you always put ‘duty’ before love, and now you’re supposed to kill me. Oh, and you abandoned your baby daughter. I’d say those are grounds for divorce, wouldn’t you?” 

“I know, but I got almost a full night of sleep, so let me spoil you a bit. And a less-than-fifteen-minute cat-nap doesn’t count.”

“Turn your head, darling. I know. I’d rather be out on the battlefield. At least I’d be doing something that felt less like talking to a brick wall.”

And here are the Shattered Glass quotes: 

"Now, the last time I checked, both kidnapping and attacking the ruler or any government official are crimes in any country, even that of you kymeraa (chimeras). So yes, Kyleande Mososgerr, I do have power over you." 

"It was written across your face. Clearly, lessons in disguise are not the only ones you need from your aunt."

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I sure had fun. Do you guys have favorite snippets from your WIPs? 

I'm going to tag:


And, of course, anyone else who wants to do this tag. If you do participate, please link in the comments. 


  1. Your quotes are gold. XD I can totally get glimpses of your characters from each one, which is great. I'm glad you participated in the tag, it's super fun! Thanks for visiting Quill Pen Writer !

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad. Yeah, I agree. You're welcome. I loved your quotes, as I said earlier. I totally empathize with the stabbing quote...not that I know how to use a sword, and keeping in mind I would probably be the one saying that, not the one it was directed to. (I think.) ;) I really appreciate you stopping by.

  2. So. Much. Pure. Wit.
    I'm laughing really hard and I have no idea what the context to any of these quotes are.
    I'm really curious about the first quote and what lead to it.


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