At Home in Mitford: A Book Review

This is my first book review on this blog, and I'm so excited!

I was given this book by a family member who is cleaning out house, and I had no idea I would love it so much. The main character is a middle-aged Episcopalian priest, and his life in a small town. I am neither Christian nor middle-aged, although I do live in a small town. Which is not in North Carolina.

But Father Tim, the priest, is such a wonderful--and unexpectedly fascinating--character that I found myself drawn in despite my expectations. The delightfully quirky, and surprisingly deep supporting and major characters helped with this as well. I loved the way that the whole town was portrayed as a big family, and everyone knew and worked with each other.

I expected the religious aspect to be a huge turnoff, but I was pleasantly surprised there as well. While it is clear that the priest and many of the other characters are quite devout and religious, the author shows that everyone has struggles with faith, and doesn't come off as preachy despite the many references to Scripture. The priest himself is also open to different perspectives from other faiths.

But my favorite part by far--without giving away too many spoilers, was the interaction between Father Tim, and his neighbor Cynthia Coppersmith. It's quite amusing and adorable.


My idea of how Cynthia and Father Tim look like.

In the end, I would totally recommend this book to any one who wants a fairly light-hearted read with a mostly positive portrayal of Christianity. Or anyone who wants to read about how to adjust to the changes and challenges that come your way as you go through life.

                                                                                                                   Signing off,

P.S. Anyone else read any good Christian novels lately that they want to recommend? Anyone read this book or anything else by this author (Jan Karon) lately and have a vastly different opinion than me? What are opinions do you guys have on books with a religious theme? Please tell me in the comments!


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