What's In the Works: Some more about Poisoned Hearts, Shattered Glass, My Characters, and Other Writerly Rambles

Poisoned Hearts and Shattered Glass
Let's start with Poisoned Hearts. A couple of weeks ago, I finally finished my most recent draft. Now I just have to wait until the person I want to beta-read for me is not busy with her own writerly things, and I can continue. So, PH is going to be in limbo for a bit.

On the other hand, I finished transferring Shattered Glass to its current notebook home a few months ago, and I've gotten to Chapter IV. Yeah, I know, not that far, but I had a really busy summer, and I haven't felt inspired lately. But I will continue it. Just not right now.

So, basically, I guess both my major WIPs are in limbo.


So, going on to character news. I realize that some of you guys may be confused about the Angi/Eli switch. I was editing PH and I was feeling two things. Firstly, that Angi wasn't fitting that character any more, and having two major characters whose names both start with A could be more than a little bit confusing. I then decided to look through my Languages of Orthion dictionary that I made (I like world-building. A lot.) for a name that fit. So there you have it: Feliki, nicknamed Eli or Lili. Much less confusing. 

In still character-related news, I finally have a drawing of Nor that I like which I will now post so you guys know what she looks like:

Other Writerly Things I Want To Ramble About

Now, on to other writerly things. Recently, I resurrected my NaNo attempt from last year. I had gotten really into it, but then I destroyed the USB that I had saved the most up to date documents on by accident, so I let the concept collect dust for a bit. However, I clicked on one of the related documents unintentionally, and then I was like..ooh, actually I like this idea. So, now I have started getting invested in it again. It is this fantasy set in the Appalachians with this girl moving to one of her moms' hometown and discovering all is not what it seems. I know, kind of cliched, but the girl is also not what she seems. Now I just have to get the plot outline set up, and I'll really be able to get my teeth into it. 

I have a couple other story ideas floating around in my head, including the one I did for one of the Novel Idea tags, and a Jules Verne inspired steampunk, but the Appalachian fantasy is probably the most concrete one right now. 

Also, I have decided to create a Pintrest account, so now I can do storyboard things and stuff like that. Which I possibly will share with you guys. 

                                                                                                                Signing off, Reike  

Hey, what are you guys working on right now? 
What do you think of my Appalachian fantasy? 
What ideas do you guys have floating around in your heads?


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