A Novel Idea (10/11/16)-Character Prep for NaNo

Good afternoon, writerlings. In order to help me feel more organised and less freaked out about NaNoWriMo, I am participating in the linkup hosted by Sky @ Further Up and Further In, and Ashley @ Ashley Aspires. I know any of you who have already read my Beautiful Books post for this year already know a bit about my characters, but I'm going to go a little more in-depth here. 

Lola Blackwolf Flores

Full name: Dolores Saskia Blackwolf Flores

Birthday: October 17, 1999

Hair color:  brown-black

Eye color: dark grey

General appearance: hair in a ponytail or braided back, combat boots, bomber jackets, fandom t-shirts, jeans, lots of bangles, three sets of earrings. is about 5"0, muscled but curvy.

Personality type: She can be really blunt, especially when she's comfortable with people, but she's rather guarded and kind of shy. She's a very warm-hearted person who's rather sensitive. But when people go after her, she hits back, either physically or with snark/sarcasm. 

Callie Blackwolf-Flores

Full name: Calixta Pilar Blackwolf Flores

Birthday: May 21, 1997

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: black

General Appearance: hair in a neat shoulder-length bob, heeled boots or sandals, sequined jeans, button-ups, stud earrings, a locket necklace that Lola gave her (it has a picture of the two of them), she's about 5"8, with a similar build to her sister's

Personality: she's really friendly, fierce when it comes to people being jerks to those they care about, occasionally has unexpected wisdom, total geek when it comes to fantasy books and sci-fi shows--can quote them by heart. Really soft-spoken and quiet, but exceptionally outgoing. 

Kim Hassan

Full name: Kim Nasin Hassan

Birthday: April 20, 1998

Hair color: black

Eye color: golden-brown

General Appearance: hair in an afro or wrangled into a short ponytail. dresses kind of like a Victorian dandy; never wears shorts or long sleeves, although they do roll up their sleeves when it gets hot, sometimes wears earrings, and always wears a plain silver ring that their boyfriend Morgan gave them, and is about 5"5, kind of bony.

Personality: dry humor, can be a little head-in-the clouds/absentminded, very calm and even-tempered the majority of the time, very intellectual (likes to annoy their friends by using big words), very warm and friendly. Very protective of those they care about. Has an elegant manner, particularly when talking to adults.

Morgan Davies

Full name: Morgan Cadfael Davies

Birthday: May 21, 1999

Hair color: black (this picture was the best I could find)

Eye color: sapphire blue

General appearance: his long hair is often tied back by itself, wears band t-shirts & plain button ups, white-washed jeans, usually uses a sturdy electric wheelchair, has a willowy build and is really lanky, is probably about 6"0. Always wears a leather and silver bracelet Kim gave him. 

                                                                             Personality: very kindhearted, but can be rash, jump to conclusions and act before he thinks, he gets mad easily. Assertive. Once he decides you are worth it, his loyalty is unshakable. 

Aegean Davies

Full name: Aegean Albert Davies

Birthday: December 12, 2000

Hair color: indigo

Eye color: icy grey

General Appearance: his hair is always braided back with a couple strands free, wears solid-colored t-shirts with skinny jeans and high tops, and a hoodie when it's cold. Always wears at least three friendship bracelets. Often has a sneer on his face when people are looking. Has three piercings in his left ear, one in his right. He's a bit stockier than his brother, and is about 5"10

                                                                  Personality: Can be really thoughtless, pretty much always snarky/obnoxious, really distrustful of people, but he is always honest, and is very insecure. But he can be kind of lazy too. Even though he's not always nice to his brother or Kim he is secretly protective of both of them. He still is kind of a jerk though.

So, what do you guys think about my characters?
Are you prepping for NaNo too?
Have you participated in this linkup? 


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