The Character Karaoke Tag

So, I saw this tag on Ellie's site; Sunset from Sunset Sky originated it, and I thought that I would use it, not for my NaNo novel, but for the WIP that I have mentioned before, Shattered Glass. So, let's start. 

What Song Best Describes the Mood of Your Novel? 

Hush Hush, by Pistol Annies
This song is perfect for describing the attitudes of my characters, and why they are the way they are. Particularly these lyrics: 

Hush, hush, don't you dare say a word/
Hush, hush, don't you know the truth hurts/
Hush, hush, when push comes to shove it's best to keep it hush, hush. 

In this story, the truth really does hurt, but lies or omissions have hurt even more, so my characters have a complicated relationship with truth. Which is why this song is on quite a few of their playlists. 

Pick a Character and a Song To Describe Them

This is actually hard; I can't decide on which of my characters, because they all have songs that fit them so well, but I think I'll decide on a character I haven't talked much about (if at all), Hallis 'Hal', Kori's husband. 
If You Only Knew, by Shinedown (lyric video)

//If you only knew/I'm hanging by a thread/The web I spin for you/If you only knew/I'd sacrifice my beating/Heart before I lose you//

These lyrics from the song describe Hal particularly well, because he will do anything for Kori. He tries so hard to make her see what is wrong about what she is doing, because he can see the insecure little girl inside her, and wants to heal that. But he also puts her ahead of himself, unhealthily so, because he loves her so much, despite everything she's done (It kind of drives me crazy/worries me that he does that). However, he has learned to keep his distance.

One of your characters is at a karaoke night when - gasp! They've been asked to get up and sing! What song do they choose and how do they perform it?

Ready Aim Fire, by Imagine Dragons (lyric video)

Kori would totally sing this, and with a ton of emotion. It would be really meaningful to her, especially these lyrics: 

//Off in the distance/There is resistance/Bubbling up and festering/Hey mr motion/Make me a potion
/Shake it all up/With your mistery/How come I've never seen/Your face around here/I know every single face/Around here/A man on a mission/Changing the vision/I was never welcome here/We don't have the choice to stay/We'd rather die than/Do it your way//

Go-To Song When Writing Romance/Battle Scenes?

The Story of Us, by Taylor Swift

Because, apparently I love stomping on my characters' hearts (I swear it's not on purpose--sometimes). These lyrics kind of say it all: 

//I don't know what to say since the twist of fate/When it all broke down and the story of us/Looks a lot like a tragedy now//

So, yeah, there we go. 

I tag: 
and anyone else who wants to do this. 

So, what did you guys think?
What songs would you guys pick for your characters?
Anything else? Tell me in the comments!


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