Beautiful People #22: Couples Edition

So...I don't have enough free time lately, which is why I'm posting this Beautiful People right after my Beautiful Books post. I'd wait, and post some other things, but I couldn't resist this edition of Beautiful People. In case you just got here, and are wondering what the heck Beautiful People is, it's a linkup about your characters. You can learn more from Skye @ Further Up and Further In, and Cait @ Paper Fury, who host it. 

So, I couldn't resist...and I also am doing three couples (sorry, not sorry). Hey, they're all from my Orthion universe, so there's that. Here's a little background: My characters live in Orthion, which is a fantasy world where the different beings are divided into thirteen clans. The clans are currently either desperately trying to remain neutral or on one of two sides in the war that is currently going on.

My couples are Eli Atrimife (a vampire fae) & Nor Mososgerr (a chimera shapeshifter), Shiai Atrimife (a Svartan fae) & Rowan Ikowe (the Puck), and Jor Sangenken (a demon) & Ashlin Atrimife (Svartan-Puck's child).

Now, let's get on with the questions--hopefully the amount of content won't be too much.

1. How and why did they meet?
The first time Eli and Nor met was when Nor was applying for asylum to Eli's country, and needed a sponsor to vouch for her. After hearing Nor's story, Eli decided to be her sponsor. But they didn't actually see each other again for a while after that. Their next meeting was an accident, and was when they really hit it off. 

The first time Shiai and Rowan met was on a holiday; Morselkyr (it's when the veil between the world thins, kind of like Samhain), and Rowan was guiding some of the spirits, one of whom was one of Shiai's family members. 

Jor and Ashlin met when Ashlin was setting up her court, and preparing to go to war. Jor arrived and asked for a job. 

2. What were their first impressions of each other?
Eli's first impression of Nor was of an extremely brave, and desperate woman. Nor thought Eli seemed like a pretty typical gentry Wise One; arrogant, aloof, but that she was kind and had at least some empathy. 

Shiai was surprised to find how normal Rowan acted and thought ge was very friendly and not aloof at all. Rowan...honestly, the first thing ge noticed was Shiai's looks (I know, shallow), and thought she was very striking, but once they started talking, ge thought she was very intelligent and quirky. 

Jor thought that Ashlin was very intelligent, slightly intimidating, and surprisingly kind for a ruler and Wise One. Ashlin thought that Jor was cunning but pretty blunt and honest in spite of that, and that she seemed rather young. 

3. How would they prove their love for each other?
Well...see, they haven't really solidified their romantic relationship at this point, so I'm not sure either of them knows yet. Hopefully not by doing something stupid.

Shiai proves her love by putting their relationship as one of her priorities, and always being aware of Rowan's wellbeing and being prepared to protect gem if need be. She also gave up her crown to be Rowan's caretaker after ge had something similar to a stroke. Rowan also places their relationship as a priority, and ge gave up godhood to be with Shiai. 

Nothing really showy, just by being there for each other, listening to each other, and respecting each other. 

4. What would be an ideal date?
Neither of them really has time for a date; Nor runs a business, and Eli runs a country. So, I guess an ideal date would be spending time together without any distractions from their jobs. 

An ideal date for them would probably be just a peaceful night at home with no grandchildren, children, or other relatives to distract them or interrupt. Maybe they would go on a walk after eating dinner. 

I think an ideal date for them would honestly just be getting away from all their duties and obligations. 

5. Is there something they emphatically disagree on?
Violence. Eli believes that controlled violence; like using weapons, self-defense, and interrogating prisoners has its uses. But Nor hates any kind of violence, and will only reluctantly defend herself if she has to. They have a lot of arguments about this, as I'm sure you can imagine. 

How their children turned out and why. Rowan thinks they did their best, and what decisions their children make and what events happen to their children is not ger or Shiai's fault. Shiai, on the other hand blames mostly herself for not foreseeing things that happened, and thinking she could have done more to change them. When they argue about this, it can get kind of bad. 

How to deal with pain. Ashlin lives with chronic pain, and has learned how to deal with it. However, Jor thinks that she tries to just muscle through it when she should be talking to Healers and seeing what they could do. Unless she notices something that isn't normal, or it's really bad, Ashlin kind of just ignores what Jor is saying because its her body and she knows it better than Jor does. But they do argue about this sometimes. 

6. List 5 "food quirks" they know about each other (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they're allergic to something...etc...and feel free to mention other non-food quirks)
Nor knows that Eli won't eat anything that isn't the traditional cuisine of her country, that she can't stand being touched most of the time, she doesn't like to talk about her childhood, she only drinks green tea (never alcohol), and that she always carries at least 4 daggers or knives. Eli knows that Nor's favorite drink is a type of extremely strong wine (I've already mentioned it here), that Nor has a huge sweet tooth (she's always bringing her candy), that Nor hates going anywhere other than her business, that Nor will only wear dresses or skirts, never pants, and that Nor hates spicy food. 

Shiai knows that Rowan can't stand anything sweeter than fruit, that ge can't hold ger alcohol, that ge prefers the countryside to the city, that ge loves asparagus, and that ge hates cold weather. Rowan knows that Shiai prefers millet, rice, or barley to wheat, can't digest animal milk, only wears small gold earrings (she hates the way other metals tarnish), that her favorite stone is malachite, and she doesn't like sunny days. 

Jor knows that Ashlin loves cuddling, that she doesn't eat things with lots of salt, that she hates when people underestimate her because she's blind but likes to get back at said people for that, that she gets cold easily, and likes clothes that have interesting textures. Ashlin knows that Jor hates dresses with a passion, hates rice, really likes brooches, doesn't like being stuck in a vehicle if she could ride, teleport, or walk, and is scared of the ocean. 

7. What's one thing they know about each other that no one else does?
One thing that Nor knows about Eli is that no one else does is that Eli is scared of having kids even though she loves them because Eli worries that she is too much like one of her mothers, who is abusive. One thing that Eli knows about Nor that no one else does is that Nor still loves her family, and still sends letters to some of her siblings, hoping that one day one of them will respond. 

One thing Shiai knows about Rowan that no one else does is that even though Rowan loves her and is happy with her, ge sometimes still misses being a god. One thing Rowan knows about Shiai that no one else does is that Shiai hates being a general in the military, because she is worried that one day she might end up killing or ordering the death of someone who she knew/used to be friends with. 

One thing Jor knows about Ashlin that no one else does is that Ashlin still has nightmares from when she was kidnapped as a young woman. Ashlin doesn't tell anyone else, and only grudgingly talks to Jor about them. One thing Ashlin knows about Jor that no one else does is that Jor's mother was an oracle, and died because of that when she was young. 

8. What's one thing they keep a secret from each other?
One thing Nor keeps secret from Eli is how far she'll go to make sure Eli is healthy and happy (She'll go pretty darn far). One secret Eli keeps from Nor is how ruthless she is, and that she's not as good of a person as Nor thinks she is (although she's not always good at keeping this secret)

One thing Rowan keeps secret from Shiai is all that ge knows/suspects about what's going to happen in the future (how the war's going to end, who's going to survive, stuff like that), because ge doesn't want to burden her. Shiai doesn't really actually keep any secrets from Rowan. 

What Jor keeps secret from Ashlin is a lot of her background and history (can't go into anymore detail). Ashlin keeps a lot of stuff about her ordeal that I previously mentioned from Jor, although she talks about it more than she used to. 

9. How would their lives be different without each other?
Eli would be a lot unhappier. She might not even still be alive, because the rest of her family and friends can't persuade her to take care of herself and get medical help. Nor's life would be a lot simpler, but probably lonelier. 

I think they would both be a lot less happy. But Rowan might be healthier, because ge would still be a god. Shiai might have been lonelier, she might have not made a love match, she would have made a marriage of state. 

Jor would probably still be living in her home country Kayakarme, and her life would be much less complicated. Ashlin would probably be rather lonely and less happy. 

10. Where do they each see this relationship going.
Nor sees it deepening, but she's not really sure where it would go after that, because she and Eli come from very different stations in life. Eli doesn't think it will go anywhere because she doesn't know how to handle romantic relationships very well, and thinks she will end up hurting Nor and ruining all of it. 

I mean, they've been together for a very long time. I think they both would like it to just keep continuing the way it has been. Shiai would probably like Rowan to keep less from her though. 

They've been together for a while. I think that they might want to marry some day, and I think they both want to have less secrets between them, and that their secrets don't ruin their relationship. I think that Jor thinks that her secrets might derail their relationship though. 

  Ashlin and Jor

 Eli and Nor
Rowan and Shiai

Happy Valentine's Day, people!
Who's your favorite couple?
Do you have more questions about any of them? 


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