What's In the Works #3: Returning to the Blogging World, What I'm Into Lately, and Writing Progress

So, um, yeah. You may have noticed that I disappeared for a while. There were a lot of factors involved in that, mostly having to do with school. Organized sports were also involved. I'll try to post more often, but AP exams and finals are coming up, so the next month or so, my posts will probably still be sporadic. Oh, but I do have exciting news! This coming week, April 26th, to be exact, I will have been blogging for one year! Yay! I'll try to do a special post for that. Now, let's see....

Writing Progress

Orthion--The Art of War series
Well, I finally have a series title for this darn behemoth (seriously, it's much bigger and messier than I thought it was going to be.) And, I've made a lot of progress on Shattered Glass lately. But I've started editing Poisoned Hearts. And hooh boy, do I have a lot to fix and remove and reformat. But, of course, some of it I can't reformat until the entire overarching storyline is fulfilled (and I have a long way to go until that happens). At least I like editing. So it is fun, but it's still a lot of work. Related to this, I've been doing a considerable amount of world-building, and realized that I can't draw maps if my life depended on it. Hopefully, once I name all the countries and figure out their geographies, I can get this one friend of mine who is very artistically talented to draw it out for me. Of course, this world-building has made me realize I need to fix a lot of things in my stories. Oh well, at least I'm getting somewhere. If you don't know what Orthion is, here are some links to where I've talked about the books and characters: Lili & Nor, Ashlin, Lili's Childhood, Kori: The Antagonist, Couples

Other WIPs
I have put both of my other current WIPs: Bone Pastor and a queer love story set in the Middle East on hold for right now. I'm not very interested in them at the moment, and I don't have as much energy invested in them right now as I currently do in The Art of War series (knock on wood). But I have a couple short story ideas floating around in my head (thanks, Pinterest writing prompts). And I have a few ideas for a story or two set after the Art of War series, but they're not concrete

What I'm Into Lately


Lord of Shadows. I can't wait until it comes out. I'm so excited!
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. This is a reread. It's a steampunk with politics, bombs, watchmakers, science, future-seeing, and an interracial gay romance.
The Empress of Rome Saga. I love this series. It's a historical fiction series about Imperial Rome, mostly from the viewpoint of women, and it's so, so good! I want all the books so much!
Oathbreakers: Book II: Vows and Honors. This is also a reread. It's (I think) high fantasy. The main characters are two mercenaries who are oathbound sisters, and one of them is ace. I don't know if the author has totally confirmed it, but it's pretty clear that she is. Both of them are really awesome.
The Universe of Us. A book of poetry, by this wonderful poet, Lang Leav. Her poetry is really fantastic.

Fly Over States--Jason Aldean
I'm not usually a huge fan of this guy's music, but as a denizen of one of those 'fly over states', I like the positive way he portrays them. Also, you don't usually hear a lot of country songs that are set further north than Kentucky

Idra's Sunhawks--lyrics by Mercedes Lackey
I've liked this song for a while, and I continue to like it. It's actually connected to Oathbreakers. It's a ballad, and has fantastic vocals

I Drive Your Truck--Lee Brice
This song is a poignant tale of how people deal with grief in different ways. It's one of my favorites.

Mary, Mary--S.J. Tucker
This is a song about how history can be twisted and how the victors and patriarchy write the rules. It's sort of sad, but a very good song. 
TV Shows
This is an Indian murder mystery show set in Delhi in the late nineteenth century. It is very good, and I find the main romance, between the detective, Mirza Jaan Nawaz, and his wife (or fiancee, I'm not sure) Zeenat Bano very adorable. 

This is an early twentieth century murder mystery (you can sense the theme here, can't you?) set in Toronto, Canada. The main characters; Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, Constable George Crabtree, Detective William Murdoch, and Doctor Julia Ogden are all very quirky and intelligent. 

This is a contemporary murder mystery, a BBC one set in the Scottish Shetland Islands. It follows Dectective Inspector Jimmy Perez and the other law enforcement officials he works with and who work for him as they solve murders on their idyllic looking islands (seriously, the Shetland Islands look so beautiful!)

Other Things I'm Into 
Lately I've been drawing a lot more. I've redrawn some Orthion characters, in fact. Once I do more, I may share them on here. Additionally, I'm planning to start playing a D&D game over the summer. It's going to be fun, but I will not really have much of an idea of what I'm doing, because it'll be close to the first time I've done an roleplayer board game. 

So, that's about it. But I'll leave you with a few interesting snippets from Shattered Glass to finish this post off.

Jor and Ashlin are trying to contact a Healer, but this happens: 
"Uh...love? Would you possibly mind taking down the wards?" Ashlin laughed as she realized what must have happened. "It's not funny!" Jo sounded peeved, but Ashlin couldn't help herself, saying, 
"Yes it is, actually." Jo grumbled, saying, 
"How would you feel if had just mentally run into a brick wall?" Ashlin winced sympathetically.  (Chapter V)

Nor finds out that the Summer King, a minor god, has concealed the truth from her:
 "She began to yell at the Summer King, her finger stabbing into his chest. 'You have lied--well omitted the truth--for years! Why? And what was the real reason you gave me that charm, hmm?' She threw something at Grandfather that Eli couldn't see, and continued to yell, asking, 'Did you want to track me? Ensure you had a back door to this place? Well, there is a reason I have the gargoyle who claimed this building blur it! I don't care that you rule a fourth of this country or that you are like a grandfather to my best friend! You don't have the right to make me feel unsafe in my own home!'" (Chapter VI) 

When Nor's staff are being protective of her, but she needs to talk to one of Kori's people who has shown up on her front doorstep: "Really! I might begin to think you don't believe I can take care of myself. If you all don't go back to your jobs right now, and start serving these other fine customers, your pay will be docked." (Chapter VI)

Anybody else overwhelmed by school lately? 
What do you guys think of the snippets? 
What are you guys watching? Reading? Listening to? 


  1. Ugh, school is also overwhelming me! I've just started back after holidays but I can already tell my weeks of nonstop writing time are over now. If only homework didn't exist...
    I really like your titles; they're really cool and peek my interest. And your characters' voices came through in the snippets! I always enjoy it when I can hear them clearly. :D
    Lovely post! :)


  2. About the homework...yeah, no kidding. Thanks so much for the compliments! Thanks for stopping by.


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