Star-Spangled--A Poem

This poem doesn't praise America. It highlights the failings of the USA. I believe noticing the failings, and calling attention to them will result eventually in us doing something to fix it, and that is patriotic--wanting your country to be better. 


Red for the blood of countless
For a world that never came
Dying in wars not of their own making
Hiding who they were 
For a country that killed them
That hated them
Fearing something that didn't exist

Red for those who 
Fear an accepting world
Who form a brick wall against change
Spilling blood to keep
'the peace'

Blue for the sea
Thousands and more 
Died in before they ever arrived
Those who survived working as slaves

Blue for the flag that freed them
But did not make them equal

Blue for the force 
That far too often 
Still oppresses them
Treating them as guilty 
Before they ever have a chance
Killing instead of arrest, negotiation,
Or even, 'innocent until proven guilty'

Blue for the country 
That causes countless tears
And doesn't attempt to stem the tide

White for the majority 
Who continue oppressing 
Those who don't 'fit' 

Oh the hypocrisy
'Land of the free'
'Home of the brave'
So many brave people 
Whose voices are silenced 
While the majority 
Shouts over, 
Convinced of their 'superiority'
Free; what a joke

White for picket fences
Holding up a false ideal,
'the best country in the world'

White for those who plead
Not Guilty
Who get away with murder
While no one does a thing
Who get a slap on the wrist
While others are shut up by the system

Red, white, and blue
Blindingly bright
Full of lies 

Blaming all except ourselves


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