Beautiful People #27-The August Edition

Hello everyone! Today I'm participating in the August Edition of the Beautiful People link up, which is hosted by the wonderful ladies Cait @ Paper Fury and Skye @ Further Up and Further In. If you'd like to learn more about them and what Beautiful People is, click on these links here and here.

So, while looking at this month's Beautiful People I realized that, despite my fairly extensive discussion of my fantasy WIP, The Art of War, there is one character that I have barely mentioned, though he is a fairly major one. He is Kori, my main antagonist's husband, Hal. He's also my lone major male character. So, let's start with the questions so you can learn a bit about him.

1. What are they addicted to/can't live without?

Hmm. I'm having to think really hard about this one. Well, in the can't live without column, I'd probably say his children, though he doesn't consider himself a good father. But I don't think he'd cope well if any of them died.

When it comes to what he's addicted to, it's not any type of medicine or food. I think he's addicted to being a spy and the dangers involved--he's aware of this, which is part of why he thinks he's a bad father because it puts in him in danger and takes him away from his children. But no matter how he wishes he wasn't he can't stop risking his life.

2. Name three positive and three negative qualities about your character

Positive: He has a huge capacity for love. He is extremely brave and cunning. He is very loyal to those he owes his allegiance to.

Negative: He has a huge capacity for love. He is reckless to the extent of not valuing his life. He is sometimes blinded by his childhood and cultural prejudices.

3. Are they holding on to something they should get rid of?

Oh yeah, but it's not an object. What Hal is holding onto that he should get rid of is his love for Kori. But of course, as we all know, we can't control love. He's tried to get rid of his love for her--he knows what she's done and who she is, he isn't blind to that--but the best he can do is temporarily let out his anger at her and keep his distance.

4. If 10 is completely organized and 1 is hopelessly messy, where do they fall on the scale?

Hal is probably a 7. If the world of The Art of War was peaceful, I think he'd be higher, but he's stressed out and exhausted so much of the time that he just doesn't have the energy or mental space to focus on organizing anymore than that.

5. What frustrates them most about the world they live in?

Hmm...honestly Hal doesn't feel frustrated as much as angry, disappointed, and guilty...but I'd say probably the world war that's going on because his wife diverged from the principles that originally led her to try to make their world a better place. The original goal was to prevent abuse of power and dismantle oppressive system, and um, yeah, you see where that's gone. She became everything she and her family originally hated and feared. (I am seeing parallels to Star Wars in what I wrote, but it was not intentional, I swear. I wonder if anyone else will see the parallels I'm seeing. Sorry, that was off track).

6. How would they dress for a night out? How would they dress for a night in?

He prefers more informal clothing nowadays, but when he was younger and/or at his or his wife's court, he wore something like this, although with deeper colors:


When he's staying in or having a normal day, he dresses in a shorter, plan tunic with deep colors, baggy trousers, and boots. It looks something like this: 

7. How many shoes do they own and what kind? 

You'd think he'd have a lot, as a royal, but he doesn't. He has three pairs of sturdy boots, one pair of dress boots, two pairs of soft slippers for inside and one dress pair of heeled slippers. 

8. Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had? 

No. He's not a pet person. Stray cats always flock to him though. He will pet and feed them. 

9. Is there someone or something they resent? Why and what happened? 

Probably Mai, his sister. Though also Kori to a lesser extent. Mai because she lied to him and hurt his best friend, her wife. Kori, for much the same reason. They kidnapped and tortured Ashlin and intentionally hid the information from him because they knew he would be angry and turn away from them when he learned. He resents Mai more than his wife because Ashlin was her wife, and he knows more about what Mai did than what Kori did. 

10. What's usually in their fridge or pantry? 

Hal is a sangkyen--a blood-drinking vampire, so he always has some bottled blood for when he's in a hurry or doesn't want to find someone who will let him drink from them. But besides that, he enjoys a spicy chilled tea that is popular in his home country, Ruskarin--he always has a pitcher; he loves smoked fish; mistletoe-flavored ices (the Orthion variety isn't poisonous); and fried potato chips, so that's what else you can find. His niece Lili is always stealing his chips and tea though--he's amused she shares his tastes. 

What do you guys think of Hal? 
Do you have further questions about him? 
Other questions about The Art of War/Orthion, and its characters? 
Did you do Beautiful People?
I just went back to school, what about you guys? (Isn't stress fun, they said sarcastically)
Everyone excited about the eclipse on Monday? 
Tell me in the comments!


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