I Emerge From The Depths To Return To Blogging--A Summary of the Last Year, and Some Tidbits About My WIP

So...um...it's been awhile. A long, long while. Which I didn't realize until I actually came back to this blog and realized my last post was in October. Oops.

Therefore, I am going to summarize the most interesting events of last year and share some updates on my WIP, Shattered Glass, which is the second part of a three-part relatively high-fantasy story that will probably turn into one larger book. Though I may have talked myself into writing a sequel. We'll see how that goes.

Last Year I...

Honestly, probably the most interesting thing is that I went to a poetry workshop in a part of my state that I love very much (because it's beautiful nature-wise, and not so gosh-darn flat, like everywhere else!) in a building that was basically in the middle of a forest. I experienced a lot of nature, almost slipped down a cliff once or twice, met other high school poets, talked with published poets, and gained a mentor for a year. I also was part of a poetry reading. It was a fantastic experience, and I learned a lot.

I also got to go California because of a family member's wedding--being in a state that doesn't get cold weather is so bizarre (though enjoyable), and went on a college visit.

Coming back to writing, I participated in NaNoWriMo for the second time, and again lost steam. But, on the other hand, I've been continually persevering with Shattered Glass, so there's that.

And...I think that's about it for last year. Now, onto the Tidbits...

Tidbits from Shattered Glass

I'm going to begin this by saying that I recently changed a major plot point in the world of Shattered Glass, so I have to completely re-haul everything, but I was leading toward that anyway. What that means for anyone interested in my story...some things that you've already seen could end up being taken out, and some of my posts about characters and their world may end up being edited or taken down. With that said, here are some tidbits.

Quotes from the Draft

“What in the name of the Triad are you doing here, May?” She heard the rustle of paper and the rasp of boots over stone as the other woman shifted uncomfortably. Ahselen guessed that Jea had glared at the Selkeronsah woman. Despite her anger—and yes, fear—Ahselen was curious as to what had brought her ex-wife here. She didn’t think May was here for religious purpose—the older woman had an almost blasphemous disregard for the existence of the gods, and that applied to temples and festivals as well. Ahselen did have a number of theories as to the actual reasons behind May being here, but she would not have predicted what came out of the older woman’s mouth."--this is from a plot twist in the story.

"[Tai] frowned at the foreign-sounding nickname, and his eyes widened as a tall Allsekar woman walked in. She bowed lightly to him, then continued to stand on his aunt’s right side. His shock grew as he saw the way that Felay smiled up at the woman. The Shifter’s return smile was more restrained, but it was there. She leaned down to his aunt and whispered something in her ear that caused Felay to nod."--a demonstration of how obvious the relationship between Felay [Lili] and Noachen [Nor] is to Felay's family

"Being in her current position with Elen, having to lie to the woman she loved more than anyone else in the world, was worse than anything else her foster-daughter could have subjected her to. She smiled bleakly to herself as she realized that was probably part of the reason that the Princess-Oracle had kept her word"--the result of what Jeaher (Jor) has done to break Felay's trust. 

I hope those were interesting! It was hard to find ones I liked without giving major spoilers. 


Now, this I can share more of without spoiling things. 

I've been developing the languages further. The language of Felay's home country, Keltewehren, is Kamayskayu. Here are a couple key words--ones often seen in the story: Meeray (mother), oyire (generic term to refer to someone who lives in the world of my characters, Otayiren), gwenohen (wise ones--a term for Felay's people that they use to describe themselves), and genvemeeray (grandmother). 

Besides that, I can also tell you what Keltewehren looks like and its climate: It is mountainous in the north, and gets very cold up there. The rest of it is somewhat hilly, and has a long coastal strip along a warm inland sea. So the climate is mostly like the Mediterranean. 

And, finally...I've been doing some fashion/traditional clothing world-building for my cultures of Otayiren, and I have mostly finished. So you get to know what Felay would actually wear. Because I actually have a description (the older pictures you may have seen are no longer accurate. So here's a picture. 
The drawing on the left is what nobility would typically wear. Felay doesn't really like being a noble a lot of the time, and ends up going incognito a lot, so she usually wears clothes that resemble the drawing on the right, with a tied sash instead of a belt. If she's being formal, she'll wear the noble layered head-wrap. Some random cultural info: simple designs like this are very traditional--the wise ones aren't fans of intricate designs unless on accessories, and people who wear intricate designs, particularly if they're not foreigners, get weird looks. Very dark colors or light ones are common. Bright, flashy colors aren't that popular. Jewelry is not common, because the wise ones don't have many resources that work for jewelry, and can't easily trade with those who do. Accessories that are common include swords and knives (wise ones would rather spend their money on these than frivolous accessories like jewelry), money pouches, wooden beads for hair, and belts like the model on the right in my drawing. 

I hope you liked this!
If you want to know more, ask me in the comments!
I hope I wasn't too repetitive. 


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